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Updated: Bioshock Infinite Characters v1.1 for Vive

I couldn't sleep, so I improved my Bioshock Infinite Characters viewer.

View twelve models from Bioshock Infinite with your HTC Vive.  The models are actual-size, but you can toggle-them to 1:4 scale using the Application Menu button, which also lets you rotate them around in your hand.  

- Elizabeth (Corset, Beach, Burial at Sea, Tortured, and Young versions)
- Booker Dewitt
- Zachary Comstock
- Sander Cohen
- Daisy Fitzroy
- The Lutece Twins
- Songbird

NEW IN v1.1
- Created custom shaders that much more accurately represent the characters.
- Added simplistic eye-blinking, "look at camera", and breathing animations for those characters rigged to support it.
- Fixed camera rotation when using mouse.
- Crunched textures, reducing download size by ~85%.
- Added a Bioshock logo in background.

Download (120mb)


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