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Updated: Bioshock Infinite Characters v1.1 for Vive

I couldn't sleep, so I improved my Bioshock Infinite Characters viewer.

View twelve models from Bioshock Infinite with your HTC Vive.  The models are actual-size, but you can toggle-them to 1:4 scale using the Application Menu button, which also lets you rotate them around in your hand.  

- Elizabeth (Corset, Beach, Burial at Sea, Tortured, and Young versions)
- Booker Dewitt
- Zachary Comstock
- Sander Cohen
- Daisy Fitzroy
- The Lutece Twins
- Songbird

NEW IN v1.1
- Created custom shaders that much more accurately represent the characters.
- Added simplistic eye-blinking, "look at camera", and breathing animations for those characters rigged to support it.
- Fixed camera rotation when using mouse.
- Crunched textures, reducing download size by ~85%.
- Added a Bioshock logo in background.

Download (120mb)


Magnificent Ships: Volume 1

Model ship lovers rejoice! This is a collection of six finely-detailed vessels for viewing at both room- and full-scale with an HTC Vive VR headset. You can stroll along their decks or pick them up for a closer look. Models are displayed on a beautifully-rendered ocean with a dynamic day/night cycle that you can control. Each ship includes an "action" event, whereby mighty cannons fire, ship horns bellow, or the submarine dives. Only exteriors of ships are modelled, as the high level of detail is already pushing system requirements to their limits.

Included Ships:

- Zumwalt class destroyer: USS Zumwalt (DDG-1000)
- Crude oil tanker: ABQAIQ
- Iowa class battleship: USS Iowa (BB-61)
- Seawolf class submarine: USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) 
- Ocean liner: RMS Queen Mary
- English "race built" galleon: The Mermaid (fictional)

Get it on Steam!

World of Tanks Viewer v1.2 for Vive

Ever wanted to stand beside a Maus or T57 tank?  Now you can!

View twelve "high definition" models from World of Tanks with your HTC Vive.  The models are actual-size, but you can toggle-them to 1:16 scale using the Application Menu button, which also lets you rotate them around in your hand.  

 - Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
- T57 Heavy Tank
- T-62A Medium Tank
- M18 Hellcat
- M4A3E8 Sherman "Fury"
- Mark I Gun Carrier
- Tortoise Heavy Assault
- Centurion Action X
- Leichttraktor Vs.Kfz.31
- AMX ELC bis
- T34-85 "Rudy"
- T26E5 Jumbo Pershing "Patriot"

Download (200mb)


Subaru Impreza WRX STi Viewer for Vive

As a proud "world rally blue" Subaru Impreza WRX STi owner, I bought this 3D model for Aerie and decided to make it viewable in VR through an HTC Vive just for funsies.

I believe this is the 2005 model-year STi. The model's not perfect, and the paint/colors aren't quite right, but it's a "close-enough" approximation. I tinted the side and rear windows to match my own car.

Download (37mb)


VROOM: Galleon

Experience virtual life at sea aboard your own pirate ship!

What wonders await ye:
- Explore the decks and cabins of an historically accurate 16th-century English race-built galleon!
- Relax to the soothing sounds and gentle rocking motion of Caribbean waves!
- Swim past man-eating sharks to explore a lush tropical island!
- Get a bird's-eye view as a seagull; soar through rigging and over trees!
- Fire each of her twelve mighty minion cannons!
- Climb the shrouds to the crow's nest!
- Bask in the warm glow of your pirate treasure!
- Keep a watchful-eye for mermaids with your trusty telescope!
- Eat and drink your fill at the captain's table!
- Shoot objects thrown by monkeys before they hit your head!
- Experience additional "magical realism" events that only VR makes possible!

Developed exclusively for virtual reality headsets, this is not a traditional PC game or sailing simulator. It is an immersive experience designed to delight your senses in life aboard an old sailing vessel, with several fun activities thrown-in for good measure.

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VROOM: Aerie

Immerse yourself in a spectacular luxury apartment full of magic for you to explore!

What wonders await you:
- Soak-in the atmosphere of an aesthetically-beautiful environment that you'll never want to leave!
- Experience "magical realism" with impossible animated events that you'll not soon forget!
- Sit down and relax while enjoying videos on your massive flatscreen TV!
- Pilot a miniature attack-helicopter or Sopwith Camel over tables and chairs!
- Change furniture colors, artwork, and plants to your taste!
- Listen to wonderful old-time music and radio dramas on your antique radio!
- Explore a tropical aquarium in your own minisub!
- Toggle between night and day with a single click!
- Race your toy car down the hall and through chair legs!
- 55 interactive objects in all!

Get it on Steam!